Free album track download!

“Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da” the 10th Madness Studio album is available now from:
Listen to the album in full now HERE

  • Jangar

    My favourite song on the album. I hope there’s a follow up with a happy ending in the pipeline. :-)

  • poly

    please, please, please come to the states. we miss you

  • Helmarco

    go to Brazil!!

  • Benjamin Beau Underwood

    One of the best tunes on the album ……and an awesome night at the cricket ground, thanks guys for giving us something over than a clown…

  • empty box

    Nothing arrived into my AOL mail, & nothing in ‘spam’ either, just like the last ‘free Madness song!’.

  • teresa suggs codling

    cant wait for ally pally xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • teresa suggs codling

    fab as always love you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • anthony shiotani


  • Caroline Clarkson Drake

    Brilliant song that always brings a smile to my face.

  • Fanista Hdz.

    I love it… ;)

  • jonathan

    I like free stuff.