Chrissy Boy letter

Hey Chris,
Funny one this! When I was 14, I wrote to you at M.I.S. and you wrote back to me, with a lovely long letter! It was just after you’d all filmed the ‘Wings Of A Dove ‘ video. Which you called ”a doozy!” I was asking wierd questions like, would you cover a Beatles song(too self sacriligeous you said!!) and mentioned Gary Numan. It was a great letter back, and just thought I’d mention it! I’m 46 now, just won a battle with cancer, been a singer myself for 20 years, and am in Spain now. Still adore the band, buy all the new stuff, and love it! Thanks for this opportunity, and congratulations on 2012′s achievements.
Best wishes Matt Nutty Boy Mason.

Dear Matt
Well what a long time between letters! I bet I wrote back quicker last time. Glad to hear you beat cancer, stay well. Have you still got the letter? I’d love to see it.
love, CB

  • phil

    what did chris say about gary numan?