Dance craze – Madness

Hi Chris, Came across site by accident. I vaguely remember a movie called ‘Dance Craze’ is this available anywhere to buy/download. My 12 yr old daughter is loving Madness she was surprised /shocked that I could actually do the dances, Thanks for the music it has given my years of pleasure and still does

Dear Dan
That film was not much to do with us, although we were in it [amongst others]. It’s been deleted by now.

  • maddog

    Hi you could try e-bay might get the dvd if not vhs is available

  • Beerzo

    try you tube mate, the whole film in on there.

  • Scott Lightfoot

    Its simple, type ‘dance craze’ into YouTube, theres loads, even a full film about 1 1/2 hours long. Wish i could dance well!