Take It or Leave It?

I’d love to just go on and on about how much Madness have meant to me over the past I’d-rather-not-think-how-many years, and how happy it makes me to see you all well and back to doing what we love you doing after the long pre-Wonderful hiatus. But instead, I’m just going to ask: why is Take It or Leave It so hard to get hold of?! One time on VHS and one time on DVD (and I don’t know if either of those were legit), and now it’s gone again…and I still don’t have it! :P Seriously, I saw it once when I was a teen and it aired on US TV, and I still remember it fondly as a fun snapshot of you fellows in your early days. Will it ever be/remain in print?

Dear Damon
Thanks for the kind words, they mean a lot. The film should be re released later this year on DVD.