hi chris im really looking forward to minehead in november,its going tobe the 1st time i will see you guys live and im really up for it, it says that there are some more acts on with you guys do you know who they will be and are they going tobe as good as you guys. well many thanks for all the great music you gave me so far and hope it lasts alot longer.
kevin hunt

Thanks Kevin
I am looking forward to it too. Love my chalet maid.

  • phil

    sorry to put a spanner in the works I went to the first one in 2011 yes madness where fantastic as always but rest of acts in my opinion where very poor, if you don’t drink (which I don’t) then its a very boring weekend and apart from madness not really worth the money.

  • George

    Hi Kevin. There are loads of acts and all sorts of entertainment all weekend… you will not be disappointed, trust me. this will be my 3rd year and I can’t wait. Madness are on two nights and always are brilliant.