July Mad Selection & Welcome

Welcome to the all new phone/desktop/widescreen friendly website!
Have a look around and please email info@madness.co.uk with your feedback or to report anything not working.
One of the new features is the Music Player, Each month we’ll be creating a new playlist for your enjoyment, starting with all of the songs played at the BBC TV Centre closing concert earlier this year. If it’s a specific song you want to hear, head over to the Album or Song section.
Check back soon for lots more content going live soon.

  • Nigel Buchanan

    Love it been listening to the nutty sound since 79 hoping you guys make it to or near Blackpool soon

    • Chrissy Boy

      Dear Nigel
      Your wish is our command. On the 31st August we will be there. I think. Our manager said J Ross is turning on the lights but that’s on the 30th..

  • 1995fernando

    Me gusta mucho la pagina muy actual y mucho contenido

  • Kaneko

    Me gusta mucho la pagina muy actual y con mucho contenido OK

  • Stu Cook


  • nenes66

    J’adoooore ce site :)

  • declan power

    If anyone has spare ticket for sandown park,I’m willing to buy,contact me at deckypow7@gmail.com,cheers

  • Jez73

    Love the new site!

  • Maxine Gop

    this is great guys!

  • Jonathan

    Nice one.

  • Rob Kasimier

    Looking good