Mike Barson My Girl Masterclass

  • Anne the fan

    Thanks mike I love you soooo much this song melts my heart every time. Love your dimples xxxxxx

  • El Thommo

    Fantasteek! I love this song a little more now I have watched ‘The Man That Broke The Mould’ The facial expressions,Crack Me Up,Squeezing one out. What would a Fine Piano,with weighted Keys I assume,set one back? EL T

  • Lisa

    This song and this man are the reasons I make my kids learn the piano. Awesome.

  • Andre

    Thanks Mike, now if only I could play the piano. After hearing this song for like more then a zillion times I still don’t get tired of hearing it. ;)

  • Rich

    Very interesting

    • Chrissy Boy

      Dear Rich
      Yeah, it sure is.