Suggs Live

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  • Cheri Darling

    Suggs, you are all that and a bag of chips! ;^) I have loved your music and humor thru the years and you show no sign of slowing down! Everything you do makes me love you and the band more! Keep up the Madness…as long as it is as much fun for us all to enjoy as it is for you to do! (Wish you would perform your 1 man show in the states! Saw Ray Davies several years back on his 1 man tour, and it was brilliant!) Girl can dream….I am so glad I got to see you in SF last year! Peace Love & Music! Cheri (Cheers!)

  • nenes66

    No comment on Suggs direct…. noooooooo… :((((

    Kisses from south of France…

    youre so gorgeous and brilliant…. <3

    Agness (quite like madness or gladness :) )