Take It Or Leave It – Digitally Restored Re-Issue

Take It Or Leave It – Available on CD + DVD 7th October 2013.

Digitally Restored version of the 1981 Biopic, includes commentary by Chris Foreman and Director Dave Robinson. Includes accompanying CD Soundtrack with songs from the film. Also contains new artwork, Liner notes and interview material from Lee Thompson.

CD Tracklist:
1. Don’t Quote Me On That – Madness
2. The Business – Madness
3. I’m Walkin’ – Fats Domino
4. On The Beat Pete – Madness
5. Don’t Look Back – Madness
6. Reach Out I’ll Be There – The Four Tops
7. Embarrassment – Madness
8. Mistakes – Madness
9. That’s The Way To Do It – Madness
10. Rocking In Ab – Madness
11. Day On The Town – Madness
12. Swan Lake – Madness
13. In The Middle Of The Night – Madness
14. Razor Blade Alley – Madness
15. Madness – Madness
16. Steppin’ Into Line – Madness
17. Night Boat To Cairo – Madness
18. Sign Of the Times – Madness
19. Solid Gone – Madness
20. One Step Beyond… – Madness
21. Bed & Breakfast Man – Madness
22. The Prince – Madness
23. Baggy Trousers – Madness
24. Grey Day – Madness
25. My Girl – Madness
26. Take It Or Leave It Madness


Take It Or Leave It

  • Andre

    According to me the best movie about 7 blokes starting a band and then becoming famous. Who would have thought the Magnificent Seven would be playing at the Olympics and on top of Buckingham Palace, 30+ years ago. Can’t see it without getting nostalgic. ;)

  • jamrecent

    Picked this up yesterday! I already have the DVD of the film and I love it but of course had to get this one too. Wanted to check out the book. LIVE MAD LOVE MADNESS!!

  • dezzyboots

    got it on original Betamax and vhs copies , vhs , dvd , gogglebox and now this. Bring on the BLU RAY !!!!!

  • Mervyn58

    I have one film on my iPhone – Take it or leave it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chrissy Paton

    MADNESS! !!!!!

  • Rob Kasimier

    Have it on vhs, dvd and gogglebox and ordered this one too

  • Damon Centifanti

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I just asked Chrissy Boy about this a couple months ago, and there it is! I am SO excited! I’ve only seen this once probably almost 30 years ago, and have wanted my own copy ever since. WOO-HOO!

  • DG

    Brilliant!!! I have the VHS and was looking at getting it changed myself, this will now give me two versions of a classic.

  • RichFish

    Magnificent , great that all the audio tracks were kept safe for the CD release. Really looking forward to it!

  • Daniel Parkinson

    Take It Or Leave It is a snapshot of living in London around the start of the Thatcher era. Head of Stiff Records at the time, Dave Robinson, saw the need to capture the story of the group on celluloid before it was too late. And how right his foresight was, as in the film most of the buildings no longer stand or has been modernised to such an extent that recreating the scenes, today, would be prohibitively expensive. Memories of events over time, would have been forgotten or vaguely recited. Shot on a shoestring budget by taking on directorial duties and persuading the group to play themselves. He has made a film which at times the acting is amateurish and the script almost in narrative form but over the years the film has a certain charm and naivety and fun

    • Neil Kelly

      I always thought it was 21 top 21′s as Uncle Sam reached 21! Totally agree with you about those three tracks.