House Of Fun 2014 – Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

Following another fantastic House Of Fun Weekender this year, we’re pleased to announce that Early Bird Tickets are on sale now for 2014!

Book your tickets now HERE

House Of Fun Weekender 2014

  • Ska Stan Oi Oi

    any news on 2014 line up yet ?

    • madnessband

      Not yet but it won’t be too long!

  • Jeffsie

    Could anyone please be as kind as to tell me any other bands playing. Cheers.

  • Mick Lang

    Can party’s of men book or does it need to b mixed party’s?

    • madnessband

      It’s totally up to you Mick

    • Ska Stan Oi Oi

      4 all male last year 6 all male this year oi oi

  • Elisabeth Bartharès

    Please tell me what it is about. Gigs of Madness ? Anything else ? Where does it stand ? Thanks.

  • Esteban Castranza

    is it better to buy breakfast and dinner package? or are there other eating options??

    • madnessband

      There are all sorts of food outlets, restaurants and shops on-site and nearby

  • ian jones

    can you tell me if there is any age restrictions ie is it over 18s only

    • madnessband

      Yes it is over 18s