One Step Beyond 35!

35 years on from the original release, this Anniversary edition has been digitally remastered from the original 1⁄4 inch tapes and comes with recently unearthed rehearsal recordings from 1979, including two songs that have never appeared anywhere before.
Hear previews of all the tracks, help yourself to a free download and you can even re-name the album HERE!

One Step Beyond 35

  • Jamie Borthwick

    Just arrived this morning . Cd in car shame I working nights so will have to watch the dvd tomorrow ,

  • Neil Kelly

    It’s arrived today. Great but could’ve been so much better. A real shame.

  • Dinant Dondertman

    Free downloads, looking forward the other ones. When will it be available?

    • Neil Kelly

      No time soon it appears! Album out less than a month yet we had the first free download over a month ago! Seems not many people visit band websites anymore either unless they just can’t be bothered to join in on a discussion

    • Neil Kelly

      The 12th. 12th of never

  • Neil Kelly

    Six tracks don’t fit on the CD. After 35 years and as this is currently on Amazon for £14.17 why didn’t you just do the project properly and put tracks from the uptenth issue of OSB that came out about 2008 (double CD) onto the end of the album and put the rehearsal tape complete as Disc 2? 2 CD’s / 1 DVD. I would’ve happily paid £15 for that. Who’s idea was this messed up 1 CD / 1 DVD mess? I despair. Free downloads are ok and i’m glad to see you are finally posting in a much better bitrate (320 as opposed to 128kbps) but still. Mp3 is a highly compressed format