Cathal Smyth’s New Solo Album ‘A Comfortable Man’

Cathal Smyth aka Chas Smash debuts his solo album ‘A Comfortable Man’ at Wilton’s Music Hall in London’s East End on Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th October.
For more info visit my new website HERE

An Evening with A Comfortable Man from Cathal Smyth on Vimeo.


  • Chas.

    check out my newly launched website at for a dazzle with some dazzle x
    with love and in light.

    • Martin Taylor

      Dear Chas,

      I just checked out your new website and all I’m seeing is a pulsing white circle; a pleasing image to be sure, but i was wondering ought i to be seeing more ‘stuff’ for want of a better word?

      Anyways, that aside, I have a question about the spoken word bits on the Liberty
      of Norton Folgate Film that you and Suggs utter, whilst walking through
      the dark netherword of (i presume) Norton Folgate…who wrote the words
      and was any of it inspired by any writers of yore? And are the words
      transcribed and preserved for reading purposes anywhere? I ask cos those
      bits really do it for me, i love the music but those spoken word segues
      are a real touch of class and add so much mood and atmosphere. Every
      time i watch the film i keep wondering, where did they get that from? It’s a bit
      Charles Dickens a bit William Blake.

      I lived in London for ten years, (back up in Scotland now) and did a lot
      of walking round that way when i lived in Angel, and i was wondering,
      where was the graveyard you filmed some of the scenes? That’s a lot of
      questions mate, i know, so i won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer,
      but if you could shed some light…that would be dandy.

      Best of luck for your new record.



    • Pickas

      Have you tried to tap/click on it?