One Step Beyond

35 years on from the original release, this Anniversary edition has been digitally remastered from the original 1⁄4 inch tapes, and comes with recently unearthed rehearsal recordings from 1979 including two songs that have never appeared anywhere before. Hear previews of all the tracks and help yourself to a free download below!


  • Play1. One Step Beyond...

  • Play2. My Girl

  • Play3. Night Boat To Cairo

  • Play4. Believe Me

  • Play5. Land of Hope & Glory

  • Play6. The Prince

  • Play7. Tarzan's Nuts

  • Play8. In The Middle Of The Night

  • Play9. Bed & Breakfast Man

  • Play10. Razor Blade Alley

  • Play11. Swan Lake

  • Play12. Rockin' In a Flat

  • Play13. Mummy's Boy

  • Play14. Madness

  • Play15. Chipmunks are go!


  • Play1. One Step Beyond... (Video)

  • Play2. Bed And Breakfast Man (Video)

  • Play3. My Girl (Video)

  • Play4. Night Boat To Cairo (Video)

  • 5. One Step Beyond... (Top of The Pops, 1979)*

  • 6. The Prince (Top of The Pops, 1979)*

  • 7. My Girl (Top of The Pops, 1979)*

  • 8. Bed & Breakfast Man (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1979)*

  • 9. Night Boat To Cairo (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1979)*

  • 10. Young Guns' Documentary (BBC, 2000)*

  • Fab Toones!

  • Play16. Nutty Sounds

  • Play17. Mistakes

  • Play18. Sunshine Voice

  • Play19. My Girl

  • Play20. Memories

  • Play21. Believe Me

  • Play22. Lost My Head

  • Play23. Razorblade Alley

  • Play24. Land of Hope & Glory

  • Play25. Mummy's Boy

  • Play26. In The Middle of The Night

  • Play27. You Said

  • Play28. Stepping into Line

  • Play29. Bed & Breakfast Man

  • Fab Toones! Setlist

Free Downloads

Some of the recordings from the Fab Toones! rehearsal tape didn't fit on the CD. You can download them free below!

"My Mates"