Give Me A Reason I Love It


Well we change from extreme to another
Can you help me with my shame
I didn’t mean to when I kicked and punched
From nowhere this demon came

Forgive me for this mindless mood
Accept this honest plea
Don’t use me for the devil’s food
And throw away the key

Give me a reason
So I’ve got someone else to blame
Give me a reason so I’ve got
Something else to blame

I only meant to wipe away the cries
With the softness of my hand
I didn’t mean to break the tie
I’m after all a family man

Give me the reason

Give me a reason

I am the master of this house
Don’t try to run away
I tried the same things at your age
And I was also made to pay

Mister patience and Misses alike
Up and on throughout the land
A lot of attention
With a heap of affection
Wouldn’t go astray

This is the reason

One of the reasons

I am the reason so I’ve got

Only myself to blame
I am the reason so I’ve got

No one else to blame