On The Beat Pete I Love It


Up I rush off to work
Hello Fred you look half dead
Said are you coming are you going
I could never do a double shift
Hello Fred get some bed Fred

Hello Steve long time no see
I like the stones still on the thieve?
Bet you ain’t half seen some time
In your short lived life of crime
Have you done the time?

I’m on the beat Pete with my size ten feet
I wander up and down town for me that’s a treat
Look at the beauties of the city
See that everything’s sweet for me that’s a treat
‘Cos I’m on the beat Pete
Swing my truncheon merrily try to teach the blind to see
Move a lady for a seat a tourist find a sight to see
Try to mingle with crowd I wonder if they’re proud
Yes that would be treat ‘cos I’m on the beat Pete, beat Pete

Hello Snowball you still drunk?
Here have a smoke and one for lunch
A printed person of last week’s Times
Seen a lot of stars and moon shine
Spare you a dime? hahahahahaha

Hello Bun been down the oven
What’s the rate for a single person
Is it good? Is it sad?
You look unhappy it must be bad
Hello May been a busy day?
All work and no time for play
Still it’s the life you chose I suppose
Good luck to you come what may
Skippity do da day