Take It Or Leave It I Love It


How come he enjoys himself not me? – I dunno
How can she smile a good morning to me?
How do they make a hard day’s work easy?
Tell me something I’ll put it to the test

Take hold of yourself and you will see
How lucky we are to be free
Now you take for granted life and country

How come he jokes with friends but not me?
How can she sing out of tune not me?
How do they find time for kids on Sunday?
I can’t express uncalled for agresh

You’re in one way traffic can’t you see?
Before a head on crash steer free
When if it’s too late don’t come cry to me

How come they get on with but not me?
How can they walk arm in arm happily?
How does that old boy dance down the street?
Tell me something I’ll put it to the test

How come we never get on you and me?
How can we find out the remedy?
How does that old lady’s home look neat?

  • teresa suggs codling

    <3 <3