What’s That I Love It


No pain, no fame, never feel the same again
That’s right uptight, I’ve been awake all night
Cold sweat in bed, crazy thoughts fill my head
Next thing, morning breaks, hide my hands, control the shakes

Out now dirty street, music in my mind, that’s sweet
Sad man, sad girl, young child make world
Feel love, don’t shove, give thanks to God above
No fear, never hear, kiss and tell my mother dear
It’s all clear?

I know who you are
I know who I am
I know what you want

What’s that a fact, bad debt, break back
Small room, big time, rich man over the moon
In space, wrong place, hungry people in food chase
Crying there, dying there, pretty baby washing hair
It’s all clear?

Here comes the catch again
They’ve stabbed you in the back my friend

No news, it’s true, every way I play with you
In front, behind, slow down, take time
Every why I should lie, hole’s appearing in the sky
Come on out in the sun, don’t be frightened of a gun
It’s all clear?

I know who you are (I’m your man)
I know who I am (funny man)
I know what you want