Ahoy Polloi!

So…this one’s been itching the back of my brain pan for some time:

In “It Must Be Love” – The video , you’re seen playing the “SuperYob” guitar , a few years later one Mr.Marco Pironi ( he of the Ant pursuasion. ) , is seen playing said guitar. Did you lose a bet? Owe him some money? What is the tale of the “SuperYob” ? Who has it now? ( The mind reels , at the thought of there being more than one!! )

( And look forward to seeing you and the rest of the Nutty Boys – current line-up – in San Francisco in April! )


Dear Harvey
It was the “Shut Up” video actually dear boy. I asked for a guitar like a gun I’d seen in a shop and ended up with the “Super Yob” which was originally Dave Hills [Slade] It was just hired for the day. Then Marco saw it in the same shop [I think] and bought it. Marco still has it as far as I know.

  • Harvey J. Satan

    “D’Oh!” ~ Homer J.Simpson,Esq.

    Had to re-watch the videos , why would I ever think you’d ruin said guitar , by playing it under water?

    Dave Hill was the link in the chain I was mis-remembering!! For some reason I thought it was You , Him , Marco – AH SO! Well , glad to see Marco had the good taste to hang on to it! ( And , that , like Highlander , There Can Only Be One! )