Sunshine voice

On Take It or Leave it, there was the song “Sunshine voice” I know the song was never recorded or even completed any chance it can be revived, finished and released on the deluxe version of Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja?

I read some of your comments about you would`ve liked the album to be 20 tracks, which in my opinion would`ve been brilliant I guess “Red Tape” and not financially viable probably came into play as it would`ve made more sense to hold so many tracks back for an extra release.

Rather than release a deluxe album of Oui Oui, what about releasing it as a new album? After all with the tracks left over the band almost have another album. “You cant keep a good thing down”

Tony Stratton

Dear Tony
I was thinking that we could play that song one of these days. Doubt if we will, though.
thanks, CB

  • Bernie Jaw

    ‘Sunshine Voice’ is really sweet. Everytime I watch TIOL I’d just wish Sandra didnt walk in. Please record it!!!