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  • David J Blanks

    Hi Mark
    Been a lifetime since i saw you
    You may or may not remember me, but we used to hang out over at Harvest Estate as kids. Happy days
    Anyway i’m currently in Cornwall studying photography and was thinking about coming to shoot the Minehead weekender.
    Are you going to be playing?
    It would be good to meet up if possible.
    All the best

  • Wayne ‘Skalet’ Canessa

    Hi Mark. I stood next to Mike,then Chris then yourself at The Ally Pally video shoot. We had a great day and it was an experience we will never forget.I met a few of the band on the Isle of Wight ferry in 2009,made my day then!
    I went to Poole Arts Centre in 1981 and I was quite close to the stage. It was quite risky being probably the only black kid there. A big skinhead next to me caught your eye and Seig Heiled. You looked at him and shook your head disdainfully. It confirmed the anti racist stance the band were taking to me, further added to by Suggs having a go at a thug in a swastika laden shirt at the next gig I saw ( Portsmouth Guildhall,’82, Bellestar support.) Nice to see you back in the fold, thanks for the memories!