Win Bottles of Gladness… (Prize Draw Now Closed)


*Prize Draw now closed, winner and runners up have been contacted. You can now order Gladness Online HERE
We’ve launched a new beer, it’s called Gladness!
It’s available in lots of pubs already in the UK and will be available to buy online soon.
Meanwhile we have some bottles to give away. Enter the prize draw by filling out the form below.
1st Prize – 52 Bottles of Gladness!
4 x Runners Up – 8 Bottles of Gladness!

*You must be 18 or over to enter, please drink sensibly, visit for the facts. Entry closes on 31st August 2013

  • Richard

    I have a madness tattoo on my leg big fan

  • madnessband

    Prize Draw now closed, winner and runners up have been contacted. You can now order Gladness Online HERE

  • scotty

    Madness, madness, it must be gladness.

  • Hans Johansson

    Can i get hold of Gladness in seweden??

    As we all know Madness is the best band in the world..

  • Sean

    Being the furthest flung Madness fan (12,000 miles)…… to sup on this fine ale would bring me much Gladness!!!

  • sandra

    Husband big fan so will keep for his 50th next may if I win

  • Sood

    Best band ever. Just saw them live at blackpool. Id easily put them in the same bracket as the beatles, the stones, queen living legends(with fez’s) knighthoods all round. There’ll be gladness in the madness.

    • Chrissy Boy

      Het Sood,they sound good – who was it? US! Gee thanks, CB

  • Damo

    Oui Oui

  • Elizabeth Reggae Edwards

    love madness so will love the drink x

  • Michelle Ptak

    Love the name, must be a great taste x

  • Paul

    Have a drink on me
    i put it down to the company
    Three cheers to the gladness beast hip hip ! hip hip!

  • Paul

    3 cheers for the Gladness hip hip hip .

  • Terry Lintott

    Tried this at The George in Alton, not seen it anywhere else yet :-( Such a nice beer! Perfect in the sunshine with some Madness playing in the background!

  • Leigh

    Get THEE ‘MIGHTY’ WALTONS Back for House Of Fun Weekend 2013!!!! They Rocked the joint last year!!!! YIP! YIP!

  • Maureen Inkpin


  • lee franklin

    U guys are truly an inspiration u have been there through my highs and lows to cheer me up to make me happy when ive needed u the most ,the power of music has made u apart of my life and u will never know how much i apreciate that i wish i was giving the beer away as i would send it to u thanks guys just for always being there. And I hope u will be for many à year all the best to u

  • QueenTi

    Better Gladness than horribly disappointed

  • Chris080560

    Gladness, Gladness they call it Gladness

  • Sambono5

    it must be love, love, love, na na , as soon as i wake up, every night, every day, i know that it’s Gladness i need, to take my blues away

  • Stuart Anderson Snr

    unable to enter competition, won’t accept my mobile phone number. funny that?

    • ken.rhodes93

      Perhaps you didn’t use the International code as supposed to —— +44 at the beginning and drop the first zero.

  • Andy Higley

    HEY YOU! Don’t drink that drink this. This is the Nuttiest drink around. So if you’re coming off the street and your beginning to feel the heat, then listen buster you better start to move your feet to the tastiest thirst quenching treat of Gladness. One step beyond….

  • Dave Parkes

    Thinking of one better day when I’m drinking gladness. With the old man at Arlington house.

  • Tim

    Gladness, Gladness they call it Gladness!

  • Steve (Davo)

    My girls mad at me, she didn’t want another gladness, she found it hard to drink, so I had enough of her.

  • janet

    it must be love, im feeling gladness all over

  • Alan Slade

    went down well at the Dublin!!

  • Simon Smith

    I’m on the night boat to Cairo and need some Gladness to quench my thirst !!!

  • Mark Haxby

    It would not be gladness with out madness :-)))


    Our house, in the middle of the street would really appreciate some madness gladness! Love collecting different kinds of bottles of beers x

  • grandajo

    Ja Ja Lets party

  • Chris

    It’s all eggs, bacon, beans and a fried slice (and a bottle of beer)

  • walter gulliford

    it must be gladness

  • Big Al

    Nothing more, nothing less, Gladness is the best…

  • Toni

    Cheers M’dears! x

  • Judith Lightfoot

    Our house could certainly do with a little Gladness at the minute!!

  • Danielsreef

    Gladness, Gladness , they call it Gladness……….

  • Jim

    it would be madness to not like gladness!

  • NuttyWoman

    We would love to sample some Gladness in Our House!

  • Wiffy

    With the 1/2 Century on the horizon,needing a little “Gladness” to help keep “one step beyond”…………………….

  • Suzy

    Bottled Sunshine..:)

  • w

    one for the road !!!

  • Phil Fowler

    Can’t wait to see the boy’s again, in their home town, for their first time at Alexandra Palace 28th September..

  • Michael Clyma

    it would be madness to ignore such a great competition

  • steviebhoy67

    lets get one step beyond

  • Mike

    Cheers boys!

  • Jeroen

    Bit late, but better late than never mefigures lol

  • annekotan

    If this is Madness then I know I’m filled with Gladness! (Or vice versa!)

  • Martin Wilkinson

    I will drink to that cheers boys

  • Johan Volders

    Perhaps you can deliver me some Gladness tomorrow @ Brussels Summer Festival :-) ?

  • Lorna Mcallister

    Ohhhh aye some Gladness would go down a treat right now :-) Also I am a very happy Granny as my 2yr old Granddaughter appears to love Madness now as well as her Granny :-) ‘Mon the Madness’ :-D

  • Forward Green


  • Jim Haddow

    sorry not working just now so skinto

  • Warren

    Wish I could buy some in Australia.

  • jcpinca

    Any chance you’re going to come to Italy ???

  • Rebecca Allen

    You Guys were AWESOME at Chepstow Racecourse this year. Nothing has changed about you all, Perfick! lol

  • Frank Brown

    Lubrication for my ol’ moonstompin’

  • jackie

    Need some gladness at minehead year especially if we are rained in like last year

  • liz

    Loved seeing Madness at Nottingham come back soon brill show!!!

  • gazza

    cant wait to taste to the gladness

  • Dru1034

    Saw you in December in Brighton, by far the best gig I have ever been to. You guys are awesome.

  • arthur toy

    this looks amazing. im on my phone but as soon as i get home will order some gladness.happy days!

  • geeman64

    sawn them in the eighties hemel pav awesome

  • paul

    Love to try some Gladness beer see you all at ally pally on the 28th september to see Madness and drink a pint of Gladness!!

  • Neale Etheridge

    Gladness Gladness They drink it Gladness!

  • mark

    mad from birth

  • Adrian Geal

    Any chance of something down under ?
    Keep up the good work

  • lisa*

    Could we get pint glasses also!!! ;o)

  • mark bowen

    madness you are the best ,cant wait to see you in blackpool.

  • Ken Cronin

    cant wait to try

  • Tony”Nuttyboy”Woollard

    Try Gladness yesturday it was madness

  • mark

    waltz into mischief!

  • stevieboy

    Glad to be mad!

  • Hails

    hope its nice , making me thirsty thinking about a cold beer

  • lorris

    looking forward to trying this

  • tony guvnor cecil

    Omg this looks fantastic cant wait to try with family and friends

  • mad mick

    I’d pay to try it f I could find it……

  • Foxy /1967

    Looking forward to seeing the boys 28thSeptembers. . In there home venue for the first time for Madness at Alexander palace London. .

  • fletch

    hope its a special brew !!

  • Darren C

    It must be love, GLUG GLUG!!!

  • stuart

    I would love to have access to some Gladness over here in the US. I help run the British Embassy bar in Washington DC and we are looking at being able to offer more British beers on our regular Friday nights as well as at special events!

  • glenn

    roll on minehead

  • Gadge

    Happy to help make some of this Disappear.

  • ret

    see you on the 22nd at Northants County Cricket Club

  • Jock Blues

    Hey you, don’t watch that,

    Watch this!

    This is the heavy heavy monster sound

    The nutsiest sound around

    So if you’ve come in off the street

    And you’re beginning to feel the heat

    Well listen buster

    You’d better to start to move your feet

    To the rockin’est, rock-steady beat

    Of Madness

    Gladness Going Down!

  • Eddie

    Still not managed to try Gladness yet. Missed out at Newark. Didn’t realise it was on sale there. Great gig though :-)

  • jo

    See you in Northants on 22 September:)))

  • jo

    Went all the way to The Dublin Castle to try it as was only ppub that sold it. Did it for my partners 50th. FAB FAB night:)

  • Jay

    Excellent! Beer is good for the souls of the masses!

  • Rudebhoy66

    If this is Gladness……..Then I know I’m filled with madness.

    Do you see what I did there……… you.

    Thanks for Haydock.

  • glenn

    land of hops and glory

  • Roel

    Now you even know my name… and my telephone number

  • vic

    my goodness my gladness,roll on blackpool……..

  • Nigel Buchanan

    If this is madness
    My heart is full of Gladness
    See You In Blackpool

  • phil

    Gladness gladness they call it madness

  • Rich

    Love to try some Gladness from madness which Will bring me joy not sadness 8>)

  • knighty

    one sip beyond

  • phil

    Gladness gladness the call it madness

  • Dr martin

    The nuttiest beer around

  • kfrewin

    Can we try some of your Madness Gladness please, is it a nutty taste?

  • Ash

    Is it bonkers?
    Is it mental?
    NO it’s GLADNESS from MADNESS!!

  • Kim-Sven Briddigkeit

    Can´t wait for real gladness!

  • MadAndy

    Italy needs your beer!!!

  • Stuart Pennock

    Till we Meet Again !!!

  • Stuart Ablitt 父

    Madness, Madness they call for a pint of Gladness

  • wil

    even to win one bottle would be enough us cumbrians dont get many promotions :(

  • Damon Centifanti

    I’m sure they meant to say ‘we call it Gladness.’ ;)

  • Jay Dolinski

    Let me be the first in Brazil!! o/ And please, came play to us! Madness Rules!

  • kevmid

    let me be the first in aberdeenshire

  • Marie Moran

    1ST pint tomorrow please , Madness, Madness they call it GLADNESS

  • my girl emma

    We love gladness, we are lucky enough to live near a pub that has it. It sure is worth the wait.

  • Rab Taylor

    Madness Madness they call it GLADNESS

  • Rab Taylor

    Madness Madness they call it GLADNESS.

  • Martin

    Madness and Beer winning combination all round :-)

  • Kev ska

    Can I have a bottle of madness please lol

  • mark

    cheers nutty boys

  • Neil Mallett

    Gladness is good for you.

  • Grégory Lécrivain

    I’d be glad to have a drink on one of my favorite bands!

  • Paul

    Madness Beer? Two of my favourite things rolled into one!