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I swear blind that my mum is The biggest Madness fan, if they didn’t exist I don’t know who she would be listening to (The Specials.) haha! She loves Suggs and has always loved him, she’s grown up with the band and will most likely have one step beyond as her funeral song. I’d love to be able to get her to meet Suggs, that being said the rest of the band also. If you could, would it be possible to help me arrange this? And send me some tour dates etc, I’d love to make my mum smile, not that it’s hard but this would be different! Thanks a lot.

Hi I’m doing a topless head shave on the 5th of September to raise money for a young lady (18) with diabetes whose teeth are falling out, would madness or any of the nutty boys be able to attend in Hemel Hempstead as raising £20,000 won’t be easy?
Help me smile again…
My name is Linzi Grant. I am an 18 year old girl with type 1 diabetes, which is a struggle in itself but for the last year I have been in so much pain with my teeth. I have had surgery twice, which has not worked on both occasions and caused me to end up in hospital 4 times in the past year with DKA (diabetic ketone-acidosis), which is potentially fatal. My teeth crumble and fall out so easily, I’ve lost 3 of my front teeth already and now I have a couple of temporary replacements, but nothing long term. I’ve probably spent most of my life at the dentist trying to sort this, but no one knows the reason why this has happened to me. I’ve lost a lot of confidence what with losing my front teeth and others, having temporary replacements and being bullied for not having ‘nice’ teeth. I can’t eat properly anymore as my teeth fall out with the food. I feel like a baby again with all these soft foods. I’d just love to have nice teeth for a change, something I’ve never had.

Please help me smile again! Thank you!

Dear Richard
Thats a great cause, the poor girl. Send me the details I’ll put them on here, plus I’ll donate £100 myself.

Both myself and my husband come from east london and have grown up with you. How much would you charge for an evening in chislehurst for my husband birthday, he works really hard to provide for his familty. Thank you xxx

Dear Eveyln
Thanks for all the support over the years. For any serious offers, please contact our agency or management. Details are on this site, to the right.
thanks, CB

Hi guys. We’re due to get married on 23 august but my fiancé was rushed into hospital a couple of weeks ago with a brain hemorrhage and we’ve been there ever since. I postponed the wedding. The good news is, he’s just come out of intensive care and wants the wedding to go ahead. The bad news is the band now have another gig. I am coming in to church to ‘it must be love’ as we’ve been fans since back in the eighties. Don’t suppose you’re free and would be prepared to stand in?! Don’t think we can afford your usual fees! ;-) x

Dear Kate
Oh my goodness – I’m glad he’s OK! sorry but we can’t make it. I’m away on holiday for a start but that never stops those nutty lads
all the best for the 23rd August, CB x

hi,anybody have any idea what time the cardiff gig would be finishing.so i dont miss a second even.finalyafter beng a fan for the best part of 30 years or more,i was so exited just as the show was starting in cardiff dec,2010 i almost pee’d my pants.but as i took my then teen daughter with me we had to leave half way through for our train home .fricking devastated.so shes gonna miss out on a day or so of uni(or gonna dry out ) to come home so we can go to the cardiff M.A.D.H.E.A.D gig.44th birthday treat for me 2weeks early.anybody got any idea as to th time so i can arrange transport please.

Dear Sir

I’m writing on behalf of a Polish booking agency to inquire about the availability of Madness for a concert at Reggaeland Festival in Płock (Poland) taking place on 10-11 July 2015

As an agency we were doing already for this festival, live bands Mellow Mood (Italy) 2013 and Train to Roots 2014, and cooperated with the concert the main star Shaggy (Ja) 2013 and Ward 21 (Ja) 2014

Capacity of festival: Edition 2014 – 7 thousand people a day

Length of performance – ~ 70 minutes

Could you state your conditions and expectations, which we have to meet so that the concert in Poland can take place?If the group is available to perform on any of the dates given, could you specify when and what are the technical requirements (technical rider and backline list), number of people and costs (including tax), as well as the cost of transport (flights or other), including the transport of instruments? Backline will be provided.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards

Janusz YASMAN Kusz
Supervisor – Bifri Music
+48 503434054

What happened with the Vienna Gig that was cancelled.. And now the rescheduled date is also cancelled. Will we get to see the booys in Austria in 2014 Please tell us yes?

Dear Bob
We will come back as soon as possible. The site that announced the rescheduled date was incorrect. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
yours, CB

The owners of the caravan directly can get at a price wristband entry from butlins. These aren’t quoted a price or released this early in the year, it’s later on that Butlins set this with the caravan park owners.

To everyone asking about tour dates, confirmed gigs go up in the Live section as soon as they are… confirmed!
There’s nothing more we can tell you.

Hi nutties, one question for you:
I know that Suggs is a great Chelsea’s fan, but the others 6 elements of the band which football team do they support?
Thanks and Merry Xmas!

Yes here you go:
House Of Fun, Disappear,Close Escape,My Girl,Night Boat, Tommorows Dream,Razor Blade Alley,Just Another Day,Grey Day,Shut Up,Madness,Baggy Trousers,Our House,Madness Is All,It Must Be Love,Primrose Hill,One Step Beyond
The yes yes yes shouts by Chas are something to do with A Clockwork Orange, at least thats what he once told me. Random!

Hi! I know this might sound a bit previous, as you have yet to have completed this year’s House of Fun Weekender… But… Me and my hubby are huge fans, and are ex-pats living in Australia, and would love to attend next yr… So, my question is.. are there plans for a House of Fun Weekender in 2014, and if so, when would it be? I need to know when to book our flights! Many thanks, and big live from down under! ( PS: when are you guys coming back here to gig? )
Thanks again,
Kind Regards,
Mish C.

We watched the closure of the BBC building Concert and were amazed how many great songs you guys had made. Would it be possible to have a playlist of the concert? We would like to buy a cd/s with as many as possible on. Thanks
M & B

Dear Madness,
Can I still order the Oui, oui, si, si, ja. ja, da, da special edition???
I dearly hope so because I’m a big fan since 1980. And I wasn’t able to order it earlier.
Please help me. Thanks.

hi I managed to get one at amazon for about £43 if you haven’t tried there it’s worth a look

I was wondering if you were going to announce any December dates as every December for the last 10 years my brother and I have come to your concerts. Thanks

Hey Guys, I came to your epic gig last week at Ally pally, it was AWESOME, first time I’ve seen you live (other than the Jubilee Party in London).

Unfortunately I’m only a little guy, and by the time I had managed to get to the front of the queue for t-shirts, the Black Madness @ Alexandra Palace ones had all gone :(
I can’t see them on your store page, don’t suppose you have some left do you?


House Of Fun Weekender 2013.
Butlins are saying that you are only playing on Saturday night this year?
Is this correct, as I have been the last 2 years & loved seeing you play Friday & Saturday.
If this is correct what is the reason as I know it is causing uproar at the moment on the FB Mad Chat page.

Hi I went to ally pally at the weekend but was out of time to queue up for the ally pally tour t shirt can’t see it on mad store can I get it elsewhere please.? Thanks

Hi there,

Loved the gig at Alexandra Palace, especially hearing ‘Disappear’. It got me thinking, how about a tour where you play the first or second albums all the way through (or both)? I love all the albums but they’re my favourites. Also, any plans to get more Oui Oui boxes in stock? I missed out the first time.

All the best,

Hello, hope the rest of the tour goes well.

Any clues on when your most current DVD will back in stock? My father is huge fan and your DVD will probably be a valued xmas present.

Kind Regards

Good morning Hugh/chrissy boy
I hope you can remember me and my son.
We went to the madness gig in Sheffield which was called off cause of the snow.
Then rescheduled the following year.
While at the gig we found that we wasn’t on the guest list, standing outside stage door you came along and rescued myself and my 8 year old son and got us in.
Great gig but had loads of hassle from the security/doorman during and after the gig.
I explained all this to you and then you kindly offered to allow us to go on another guest list for another gig.
Well……..madness are actually playing in my home town (rare) and I am hoping you would be able to put my wife and our two children on the guest list for this please?
It would make up for all the hassle we had at the Sheffield gig with the doorman ‘carting’ me out and upsetting my son.
I hope you can do this for me.
I look forward to your response
wpould like 4 tickets?

Kind regards


I’d like to buy tickets for 12 October in Duesseldorf, but there are the Toten Hosen – and it’s sold out. How come, are both playing?
Thanks, are there other concerts in the near future on the continent?

Hi there
Can you help?
I remember going to the cinema when I was a lad to see a Madness movie, but I cannot remember the name of the movie?
It was either in the late 70′s or early 80′s
Could you let me know the name of the movie and also where I can get a copy on DVD.

Carl Green

the film came out in 1981 i think and has just been released as double pack with film on dvd and the soundtrack on the other i think amazon have it good luck

hi I assume by now you know but just in case it was Take It Or Leave It. It came out recently as a 2 disc set one with the film and the other with the soundtrack that reached number 70 (I think) in the album charts

Hello from France,
I have a “Membership in perpetuity” card joined when I bought Northon Folgate album.
What’s the use now…? Any special offer for special fans…?

To be fair, when the box set was advertised it said something like the membership would offer exciting content throughout the year, so given that it was accessible for over 2 years they’ve kept their side of the bargain. Having said that I won’t be complaining if we get more content :-)

what size do your childrens t shirts start as i want one for my 9year old grandson but not sure if the youth ones will fit him can you let me know as soon as possible please thank you

Have you released the line up for the 2013 House of Fun Weekender at Minehead, also is there a theme this year, the Circus Freaks from last year were amazing , roll on November we cant wait!!!!

Hi, Is there a dvd for the blackpool illuminations switch on 2013. I was there with my partner, took loads of pics and videos, but my phone broke, so now have none. So would like to buy the dvd if there is one. Thanks Karen.

dear Karen
What a pain. Sorry but we didn’t film it. It will probably be on Youtube etc. What sort of phone do you have? If it had an SD card, you can recover the film and so on from that. Or sometimes even recover stuff from the phones internal memory via a USB lead.Go to your mobile provider and ask them if it’s possible.
best of luck, CB

Hi, Great band.. Where can i get a beer cap of one of your bottles of Gladness? Im making a table and the top has got beer caps that i have collected and i would love a Gladness one..I would love a beer to but the chances of it coming out to Australia are slim. Your the best Band ever. Take Care and see you when you come back out here…. Scott.

Unfortunately the bottle caps on Gladness do not have a logo, they are just plain gold in colour, the bottle itself is very nice though…. as are the contents…. hic

oui oui (French), si si (Spanish), ja ja (German), da da (Russian) and it means yes yes yes yes yes yes as the other replier already said. :)

I’ve been trying to order the Mad not Mad Fanzine – summer 2013 edition but the email address you’ve supplied doesn’t work is there any other way to contact Ian Taylor – thanks

Just a question about the new release of “Take It or Leave It”…. Can we expected some subtitles in differents languages for that new edition? All your foreigns fans are waiting for it since the first edition in VHS……
Thanks for your answer…
See you at the Olympia in Paris…
Mister B

I was also in the crowd yesterday at BSF and can only confirm that you were just amazing and wonderful!! The absolute feel good and good vibes concert, everyone was nice & chatting & dancing & smiling & singing & shouting! The best of British! Keep on goooiiiing guys! Thanks a million!!!

Hello, I’m 16 and from England but I’m living in Belgium at the moment and I went to see you last night at BSF and you were incredible! My parents brought me up listening to your music and i still have memories of dancing around the sitting room to baggy trousers! My brother saw you two years ago at Leeds fest and even though two of his favorite bands were also there, he said you were the best there and totally incredible and last night you did not disappoint! Congratulations and thank you!

can you wish all the summer youth project all the luck in Our House.
My daughter is 9 (Abbie) and is doing it for the 1st time with lots of madness song. many thanks Helen & Abbie (Wyvern Swindon)

hi, last week I seen the limited edition coloured lps on ur site for sale, today I went to buy them, but can’t find them on the site, have you sold out of them?
stay nutty

Thought I’d collected all remastered 2 disc albums but realise I’m 1 short – The spine letters are currently spelling MADNES! – I have One Step Beyond / Absolutely / Madness7 / Rise & Fall / Keep Moving / Mad Not Mad / Wonderful – What am I missing? Thanks for your help!

The one missing is “The Madness”, hopefully it will be re-issued soon. Meanwhile you can listen to it in full via the Music section of the site.

Any idea if Gladness can be purchased online? I would like to get my hands around one of those bottles of lager. I live in Holland. See you in London the 28th of September. ;)

Hello, I would love to come & see you all at Blackpool soon but would you recommend me bring my 2 young daughters? They’re 5 and 3 (brainwashed them already! :). Thanks, Cressida x (love what you all do btw) x

Dear Cressida,
I really can’t answer this, it might be a bit rough for them. Sometimes it is very rough. Too much for a 5 and 3 year old. I have not done this event before, can anyone advise her?
thanks, CB

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply (only just seen it!). We made it to Blackpool, got to the front & daughter number 1 ended up on stage :) The crowd were fantastic & no pushing, and got a little wave from you too which was lovely. x

hi guys, was wondering if you ever gonna release the b sides of the sigles together, cos im sure there was one about a chap that couldnt eat all the guns he had collected, do you remember that one, take care


Don’t know if it’s still around, but there was a great singles collection called The Business. It should be on there. (The song you’re referring to can only be ‘Guns.’)

hi the only song i can think about guns is called ‘Guns’ and it was the b side of ‘One Better Day’ which reached number 17 in 1984. I have that on the triple cd called ‘The Business’ which goes from the prine right through to waiting for the ghost train , it has every b side plus extra tracks , jingles etc.

good luck finding it I
bought it at amazon

Just wanted to say a great big thank you to you all for your music over the years! Myself and my husband grew up with your music and are now brain washing our kids with it too (they love it)! We absolutely love the BBC send off and your never too cheap!! Keep up the good work boys the McKay family xx