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  • philip gaunt

    i was told by madness management the last ‘s’ is owned by virgin music and its up to them if they want to release it so don’t hold your breath cause i doubt it will ever come out.

  • al

    exellent underated album,i like carls vocals on the album.dissapointed it did not do as well as it should of resulting in the end of a short comeback.

  • Marc

    How can I find this album? Really exists? I also need the las “s”!

    • philip gaunt

      you can’t get the last ‘s’ as virgin have the rights to it and as yet haven’t released it and to be honest i doubt they ever will.

  • Carlos

    The last song from this album 4 B.F ,is Wonderful its Great.

  • Carlos

    Nightmare Nightmare …..Nice Song !!

  • Dave

    Yes i need this cd from salvo to complete my set,i’ve got the missing S,you right Mark Witney

  • Mark Witney

    I was told earlier this year to keep watching Salvo musics website as its supposedly due out later this year, not holding my breath though, I too need the missing “S” to complete my re-issues collection!

  • Greg

    I think this is a great album. I know its not a bona fide Madness album but here’s hoping it will get reissued soon.Also love Yesterdays Men and Uncle Sam and was disappointed they were left off Total Madness!

  • Barry

    I had this an LP when it first came out , but didn’t have all the tracks that the CD has ( i think) have looked at trying to buy it on a well known website anywhere from abut £30 to over £100, on one website i saw it at over £4K ???, could it not be re issued, some great songs,

  • Madexico12

    Love it too. Any chance to get a remastered edition of this one, one day ? The missing “S” in the remastered collection ? It would be great.

    • Chrissy Boy

      Dear Madexico
      Yes it would. what?

    • Ian Grew

      That would be good. Got all the other CD’s and it looks stupid with missing ‘s’.

  • Rob Kasimier

    Love this album